The Neighbours Send a Message

northern hawk owl
northern hawk owl

for Monica Casper

Moose, deer, lynx, coyote, bear,
skunk, porcupine, snowshoe hare,
hawk owl, ant, crow, honey bee,
all who live in the woods
behind the house I live in,
now formally address the human race:

We, aforementioned children of earth,
together with all our relations,
and by the power of spirit that moves in all things,
do hereby protest
the destruction of our homes.

We have kept watch in silence
while you made war on each other,
but our time for surveillance
and fleeing is finished.

We will not watch
without intervening
while you mindlessly kill our mother.

– Harriet Ann Ellenberger
April 2012

note: “The Neighbours Send a Message” was first published, with working notes, on Return to Mago 29 October 2012.

Published by

Harriet Ann Ellenberger

writer, editor, translator; co-founded the journal "Sinister Wisdom"

4 thoughts on “The Neighbours Send a Message”

  1. Lovely bunch of animals, and powerful, steady statement from them, ending with the steely statement of exactly their intent.

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    1. They all really do live in the back woods here. And they are a lovely bunch. And I sure wouldn’t mess with them.


  2. I think this is a most powerful and important poem… the Voices of the Forest must be heard NOW. The suffering has gone on too long – and as usual – you picked JUST THE RIGHT IMAGE… Harriet, You are the writer with a capital “W”…. not many are…You remind me that we will NOT be silenced – no matter what the outcome.

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