Crossing Over

photograph by Elizabeth Barakah Hodges
photograph by Elizabeth Barakah Hodges

When I was little,
my mother bought me a Golden Book,
and each night we read the story
that repeated the words,
“Nobody knows
but the old black crows.”

Crows know everything
because they eat everything.

Crows bring good luck,
especially in travel.

I ask it be a world-wise crow
who calls me
to the other way.

– Harriet Ann Ellenberger, 1992

Published by

Harriet Ann Ellenberger

writer, editor, translator; co-founded the journal "Sinister Wisdom"

2 thoughts on “Crossing Over”

  1. Crows are bird spirits who always gather round a person with news from the other world. Both my mother and grandmother fed crows and I followed in their footsteps but only for a brief time for a number of reasons… recently a murder of crows congregated around my house and news that I would not have imagined would come my way….it’s always wise to pay attention to old crows!


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