Mr. Bear took this photo of Mimo in late August 2015, when the young red  squirrel initiated a friendship with him. For the next few weeks, Mimo would come each time Mr. Bear did his squirrel-imitation (sort of a whistle, sort of a chk-chk-chk).

But in early September Mimo found a girlfriend, and suddenly he was too busy to play and he didn’t need any human to talk with either. Mimo and Girlfriend have now squirreled away food for the winter in every good tree-cache in the back and on the slope down to the creek. And they converse with each other incessantly.

It’s Talkative True Love.







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Harriet Ann Ellenberger

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    1. If you subscribe to the blog by e-mail, the photo doesn’t show up on the e-mail notification. You have to go to the site itself. And then, of course, I messed up with the positioning of the Mimo post — it’s dated sometime in October, which was when I began the first draft, and so appears after “The Liberated Greet You,” the post about the Canadian elections. Hope you understand this explanation better than I understand how to use WordPress.


      1. This whole response makes me laugh hysterically but the last sentence is perfect. Only you have a sense of humor that is so original that it shocks me into lughter before I understand what hit me


  1. Harriet, I love this picture of Mimo. It reminds me how amazingly bright squirrels are – how incredibly bright. Unlike you apparently the chittering of two squirrels is an anathema to my nervous system. But I have many squirrels because I feed the birds. A poem of Mimo should follow this post. Mimo and Maplelusaha – can’t spell her name but I know she knows that I love her because she’s a tree!


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