Into the Snow

I go where I love and where I am loved,
Into the snow …
H.D., from The Flowering of the Rod

bear_ctr back_15-12-19

Early on a mid-December morning, when the light was just right, Mr. Bear ventured out with his camera to photograph the snowy landscape behind our house.

In the center of the backyard lives Mapleluselah, a maple tree that visiting naturalist Sara Wright said was at least 200 years old. Mapleluselah can be seen from space (in satellite photography) and is used by migrating birds as a way-marker (we are guessing this because twice a year the backyard becomes a small-bird staging area, a place to rest and fatten up before heading farther north in the spring or south in the fall).

Mapleluselah is loved by everyone, whether they fly with their own wings or scurry up the trunk with four little feet or stop their car to visit on two legs and sit in the tree swing.

Over a long lifetime, Mapleluselah has become a Universal Attractor.









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Harriet Ann Ellenberger

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3 thoughts on “Into the Snow”

  1. Oh Harriet, how utterly astonishing and moving this photograph and words are… I am so happy to see “Our Lady” so magnificently honored and that she knows and is watching over you two as well goes without saying…

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  2. Harriet Ellenberger, how I would give my eye-teeth to see you again. What a pleasure to read you in DARK MATTER and to find your blog. Love to you–and magic. Camille N.


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