“I Tell Lucile Secrets,” a photo-essay

I tell Lucile secrets.


Lucille_Harriet-Santa Fe
Lucile and I travel by train to California.
Lucile_H_San Diego
Lucile and I reach San Diego.
Lucille Painting
portrait of Dorothy Lucile Truitt, painted by one of her many friends


“I Tell Lucile Secrets” is a photo-essay about my aunt Lucile and her effect on those around her, specifically me. For a portrait in words, see “Lucile and the Power of Persistence” (in the April 28, 2017 posting on this blog; it’s the first essay in “She Is Still Burning” 4).



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    1. Oh Glenys, I am making goofs with my computer. The photo-essay is now corrected so that it links to the word-portrait of Lucile.
      One good thing is this gives me a chance to recommend everyone go to your PaGaian Cosmology site because it is so rich with cumulative work and because the language and the images are beautiful. It’s good for the soul, PaGaian Cosmology, that’s what I think.


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